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Triggering this conversation after an interesting meeting in the US. During my recent trip to the US I met an uncle who was my neighbor during my childhood days. I met him after two decades. He is currently 83 years old and did'nt seem to have aged much. Another thing I noticed was his ram rod straight back and sure gait. After some general talk I straight got down to asking him the secret to his looks and gait. Uncle did not bat an eyelid and said" I walk 4 hours a day". My jaw dropped to say the least. I have been a powerful advocator of NEAT and the importance of simply moving more. The more my clients move the more healthier they become and weight loss seems easier. I have incorporated this into my life too. The same goes for regular brisk walking. So, this is my take on walking. It is a very powerful tool to move to good health. * It improves energy levels. * Builds muscle and bone health * Definitely improves mood. * Helps in weight loss. * Improves cardiovascular fitness * Decreases your risk to metabolic and lifestyle related diseases. Most of us know that the benefit of walking levels off around 8000 steps. My take on doing 10,000 steps is because I feel it ensures that you definitely move more. If you try it out, if you have a sedentary lifestyle , to get to 10,000 steps will be an effort and it is this effort that may work the magic for you! While walking 4 hours a day may be carrying things too far and uncle started this only in the last 5 years, we can definitely aim to be closer to the 10,000 step mark to ensure movement!! Good day!


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