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Lack of sleep is long been associated with weight loss resistance. Science has been saying this for sometime now. * Sleep is a very important pillar of health and now for even weight loss. You will be surprised to know that there is a difference in health benefits between sleeping for 6 hours and sleeping for 8 hours.

* Two big reasons for not losing weight which I have seen many a time in my practise is lack of sleep and uncontrolled stress.

* When you are in a state of stress frequently , cortisol is produced and this can eventually lead to fat storage.

* Lack of sleep or improper sleep timings messes up with our hunger and satiety hormones and we tend to eat more and even choose more sugary and rich foods. This is research proven too.

So, if you are doing everything you can with your diet and exercise, it is time to be looking at sleep and stress and dong something about it. If you liked the post do like, comment and share!!


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