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Calorie In and Calorie Out, is it that simple?

Is the calorie in, calorie out principle as simple as it sounds? Well, in my personal opinion not always. There are people who do everything and try everything but still do not lose weight. But here are some tips for those who are trying to lose weight -

* You have to be consistently in a defecit over a period of time.

* Please do not mover towards diet culture and try out fad diets with the single most focus of being thin.

* You absolutely must need to be patient with yourself. It takes time to lose weight.

* You need to trust the process as it is based on science.

* Please go ahead and enjoy small treats in moderation and less frequently!

* But if all this does not help , do reach out for professional help. There may be some medical reason for not being able to lose weight.

Last but not the least, always remember being healthy is more important that being thin. Good day!


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