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This graph was shared with me by my client. His journey with me began on the 19th of June and by the end of July he had already lost 10kgs and as of 10th August he has lost about 13 kgs totally! So, we are looking at 13 kgs in 2 months. Many of the blood parameters were out of sync when he started but I saw a determination in him that I see in a very few. The discipline and grit that he is showing is amazing and it is all about sustaining it now. A birds eye of his journey-

• No restrictive diet is being followed and a balanced healthy eating plate has been focused upon.

• Calorie restriction was of course the way forward.

• He pushed up exercise. Loved cycling so he took up long distance cycling and on alternate days he is also swimming.

• In the beginning of the program he was moving very little but when he understood the concept of NEAT ( Non exercise activity thermogenesis) he started pushing up his steps and now comfortably touches 10,000 steps.

• Once the need to sleep and wake up on time and the power of catching more than 7 hours of sleep was explained to him , he put that into place too.

Not many people are able to do what this guy is doing and achieving but maybe his journey can motivate others to give good lifestyle a try. I now quote him as an example to my other clients who are struggling and they gain some confidence when they hear about this journey. He still has a month to go and I am hoping for changes in his blood parameters at the end of it. His journey of weight loss will continue even after this program but such people amaze me and am I super proud of what he is achieving. Once a person understands the importance of good health, I guess there is nothing to stop him from achieving it.


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