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ALL about me

“There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does. Skip the diet; just eat healthy.” 

- Anonymous 


I, Gayathri Chandrasekharan,  am an accredited dietitian, diabetes educator and wellness coach. I am passionate about coaching people who suffer from seemingly insurmountable lifestyle diseases so they can make life changing choices and transition to healthy living. I help people move from confusion to clarity and fitness, through my venture “zeNourish”.

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Having begun my journey as a dietitian with Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, I went on to become the In-charge of the LifeStyle Unit in Chennai. This experience made me realise that diet alone would not suffice for good health. All the four pillars of well-being (diet, exercise, sleep and stress-free life) are equally important. This was followed by a 14-year stint  in a hospital in Muscat, which made me realize that one size does not fit all; everybody has unique needs which have to be individually addressed. So, I now design customised one-to-one guidance programs that identify and nurture the mind-body connect.


The mind never ceases to amaze me. The acceptance that it can be our worst enemy or best friend has led me to the path of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Having practised yoga for a decade now, I strongly believe that most diseases stem from the mind and manifest physically. I  help patients by teaching them disease-specific yoga asanas and breathing practices, to decrease stress. Having completed a course from Yale University on “The Science of Well-being”, I am able to guide clients gently, to better mental health, if required.



10 years ago I underwent a surgery because of which many of my parameters were border line. This led me to realize the power of a healthy lifestyle . I reversed all the parameters in a year just using lifestyle. Post that I maintained the changes I made and I now walk the talk, leading by example. A mother of two, I enjoy trekking, playing badminton, exercising every day and making wise food choices. Being an early riser, I enjoy nature walks and the morning silence. Cooking nourishing fresh and healthy meals for my family gives me utmost satisfaction, much to the chagrin of my teens. I love being with friends and family and that is where I find my zen. “Lifestyle that heals..” is my mantra to wellness.

I envision a future where lifestyle diseases are a myth and intentional healthy living is the natural practice for all. 

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