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The Insulin and Diabetic medication dilemma!!

It is posts like this that confuse the common man. Being a diabetes educator, I see different types of people, those who take their medication seriously, those who don't, those who avoid timely medications as they think it will harm their kidneys and the scariest is those who want to decrease their medication/insulin on their own despite having type 1 diabetes. The more clients I meet the more scary it gets for me. Where did this idea of medications and insulin being harmful stem from. Dear clients, please remember, nothing is more important than controlling your HbA1c's. Maintaining it below 7 is mandatory to avoid microvascular damage. Please do not sit with higher HbA1c's just to avoid medications or insulin. This is scary. Yes, life style change is very important. Yes, diet plays a key role in controlling / reversing / preventing diabetes. But, if your pancreas are not functioning well, you need additional help. The complications associated with high HbA1c's are scary to say the least and sometimes irreversible. It will affect every organ of your body - heart, kidney ,eyes, nervous system etc. So, please trust your diabetologist/Diabetes educator/Dietitian more than you trust these posts. Not to say that the numbers mentioned in these posts are also wrong! Yes, they do seem interesting but can really harm you. Beware!!


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