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I, Gayathri Chandrasekharan, am an accredited dietitian, diabetes educator and wellness coach. I am passionate about coaching people who suffer from seemingly insurmountable lifestyle diseases so they can make life changing choices and transition to healthy living. I help people move from confusion to clarity and fitness, through my venture “ZeNourish”.


Being a dietitian by profession and completely passionate about the subject ,I wanted to spread knowledge and awareness on diet and healthy eating but realized that diet alone wasn’t going to improve a person’s health. A holistic approach to lifestyle which includes good diet, mental health, exercise and sleep is mandatory for good health. A small scare with health when I was 37 made me reach out to a healthy lifestyle and I began to see it's power. Being a yoga and meditation practitioner, I have seen the effects of these practices on my physical and mental health. Each person has a different stressor. For some their diet needs tweaking while others may need help with mental health, exercise or simply good sleep. Hence, I have created this website to help people understand their health goals and to educate them on the science of health and well-being. Looking forward to helping each one of you to embark on your own unique individualized journeys.

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Train to be fit

2 months(7 sessions)

This program is to move to a healthy lifestyle where weight loss will be a by-product.


Despite Diabetes

3 months(8 sessions)

The main aim of this programme will be to allow more variety in the meals and bring  HbA1c levels under control in 3 months.


Heal your harmones

2 months(7 sessions)

This program is to educate the client about the hormones and their functioning and thus may achieve weight loss.


Recently finished Gayathri aunty's diet programme for 3 months. She was able to motivate me to control my eating habits and have an overall healthy lifestyle. She would often check my logs and she gives such honest feedbacks about my progress. That's what I like about her.

I used to get body shamed in the past and would often compare myself with others who are considered 'perfect' by the so-called beauty standards but as soon as I met Gayathri aunty, trust me, my WHOLE LIFE CHANGED.
Because of her, I was able to build more confidence and therefore, I started to love myself before anyone else.

Thank you Gayathri aunty for creating such a HUGE impact in my life! You're such a sweetheart!


15 yrs




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