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Walking your way to good health

Walking is a low impact exercise with immense benefits. I have personally experienced the benefits of walking. A 30 minute brisk walk everyday can work miracles in our body. Let me list a few benefits of walking-Improves cardiovascular health

-Improves blood pressure-Prevents diabetes

-Helps in weight loss and prevents obesity

-Aids digestion -Improves sleep routine

-Alleviates stress

-Improves memory

-Increases the production of happy hormones

And the list is endless.

If you are new to walking here are a few tips

-Never give up for 21 days, it soon becomes a habit.

– Start with 15 minutes a day and slowly make it 30

.- A walking partner helps as it keeps us motivated

.-Walk at a speed that is slightly uncomfortable only then it becomes exercise.

It’s been 6 years now and what started as a boring and monotonous exercise is now an addiction with me. It is the time of the day I wait for. I’ve been extremely lucky with walking parners where we have interesting topics to talk on and time just flies past .

All I can say is , give it time and walking will become a part of your daily routine which you cannot do without. So , put on comfortable walking shoes and become a part of nature for at least 30 minutes a day. Good luck!!


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