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The humble leaf kadi patta

Today as I was cooking I realised that as a South Indian I probably add curry leaves to all the dishes. Then I realised this leaf is used all over India especially for the fragrance it renders to the food. I was recollecting the health benefits of curry leaves and came up with quite a few.

It is rich in iron , vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants, calcium , phosphorus , vitamin E , vitamin B etc. Then I sat down to read more and came up with quite a lot.

Let me summarize this for you. -This humble leaf is so high in fiber that it helps diabetics.-The antioxidant property in it helps fight cholesterol and acts as an antioxidant.-This property also helps prevent premature greying of hair and improves hair health.-

It helps in digestion and alters the way body metabolises fat.-

They detoxify our liver and help maintain liver health.- Aids in weight loss too.


*Make curry leaves powder and use it regularly with meals(look for recipe at

*Boil curry leaves in water and strain it and add a few drops of honey in it and drink it for fat metabolism.

*For the hair , heat curry leaves in 2 table spoons of coconut oil till the edges turn black. Then crush and strain it and apply on the scalp.

*We can use it like a face mask with yoghurt to have blemishless skin.So let’s try and include as much of this humble leaf as we can in various ways and improve our health.


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