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In this world of quick fixes and people looking to lose weight fast and talking only in terms of numbers, it pays to be reminded that most quick fixes are temporary and weight regain is almost a certainity.

This precious concersation is between me and my 20 year old client. I still remember her mother's words when she joined me. She said , my daughter has always been on the heavier side so we are not looking for weight loss. We just want to understand more about eating habits, nutrition and fitness. I think this approach helped tremendously because -

* There was no number in the mind to get to so there was no associated dissappointment.

* The intention was only to learn more about lifestyle so the pressure to lose weight was less.

* Since a time frame was not attached she is still able to be on the path 6months into the programme.

* The need to be fit and build stamina saw her being consistent with the trainer I put her on to.

* Time and again I see the role of family support. Most of these kids who succed to be consistent are backed by family.

* So the side effect of this consistency was an 8kg unintended weight loss.

The journey was not easy and she said there were slips and days that she went off track but the fact that most of it was habit made her get back right on and move forward. Like I always say the power of consistency never fails to amaze me! Never giving up is the only way forward.

Have a good day!



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