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A few Facts and Myths

An international team of scientists have found that dieting is a constant battle because when people diet the brain thinks that we are starving and initiates a process of storing fat which prevents us from losing weight.

MYTH-Reduced fat foods help us lose weight

If we see most diets suggest that we eat low fat. But it doesn’t help if we replace these fats with other energy dense foods as caloric count is a crucial factor for determining whether a food will make you put on weight.

FACT – Grazing helps dieters lose weight.

According to studies eating 4 to 5 low fat meals can result in people consuming lower calories than when they consume 3 main meals.

MYTH-Chocolates make you fat

Most diets ask us to avoid chocolates. But again studies have shown that neither chocolate nor any other individual food can be held responsible for weight gain.

FACT- Drinking 1 litre of water helps

Fresh water purifies the system. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal makes you eat lesser .A glass of water before sleeping also helps control blood pressure.

MYTH-People who are overweight have slow metabolism

Unfortunately slow metabolism cannot always be blamed for being overweight. In fact some people who are fat have faster metabolism and burn off more energy than slimmer people.

FACT – Dieting dulls the mind

As we reduce the carbohydrates the food for the brain decreases. It brings down our alertness and power of concentration.

MYTH – Obesity is genetic

Only a small percentage of people can blame their genes for obesity. Obesity is an epidemic because of the sedentary lifestyles with energy rich and fat laden diets.

MYTH – Calories from fats make you fatter than calories from carbohydrates

If the extra calories is from a fat like ghee or butter or a carbohydrate like cakes and breads you will gain weight.

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