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Dr.K P Raman, Cardiologist,

Al Hayat hospital, Muscat

I always refer all my patients to Gayathri for her holistic  advise on lifestyle.


I was referred to Gayathri by my friend and she is a blessing.

Vaikari Ranjit

I have IBS for many years now. Since I have joined Gayathri, I am getting better.......

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Joseph (Got off diabetic medicine)

The program worked wonders more than any medicine......

Vikas (reduced triglyceride levels)

Gayathri's guidance has been instrumental in reducing my triglycerides levels

Aditi*( Lost 10 kg in 3 months)

Within three short months, I saw results I coudn't believe.


I have always been an individual who could manage my weight well and I have always exercised. But this slowly changed with me touching my forties..

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Mr. Joseph, New diabetic, 55 years old, Muscat.

Many may say COVID-19 has taken lots of lives by infection and caused irreversible financial loss but my take is COVID-19 has caused several long lasting health issues due to extended lockdown and restrictions beyond measure.


I am one of those people who had to work from home and to adjust to new processes and spend long hours on a laptop and TV set with few breaks for recreation subsequently. This situation not only increased weight but resulted in high blood sugar. 

As they say anything and almost everything can be controlled or overcome with disciplined living. So I took up the challenge to recover through diet and exercise. With help from Dr. Google, I felt “I know it all” and managed to adapt to a new self-made diet plan for a few weeks, along with some medication for my Type 2 diabetic condition. Needless to say, the self-made diet plan was effective but the progress was well below my expectation. 

So when I came that we have a trained dietitian - Ms. Gayathri - living close by, I reached out to her to seek confirmation on what is being followed, to correct and make adjustments as needed, for speedy recovery. 

In my first online session itself, I received many invaluable inputs - specially on wake/sleep clock, variety of effective diet, sequence and, most importantly, timing of diet - that raised my confidence and brought sea change to my sugar levels. 

Ms. Gayathri’s professional approach -  may it be timings, serious follow-ups, consistent encouragement to check, evaluate and improve - helped me tremendously and worked wonders, more than any medicine. Every inch of improvement was noted regularly and was acknowledged as if it was of personal benefit to Ms. Gayathri, which made me follow a diet and disciplined schedule more stricter than I would have done otherwise. 

The passion to do it right, walk the talk leading by example in every walk of life, and adapt to the client’s situation is praiseworthy. Subject matter expertise, thorough technical know-how and right tools were used throughout my engagement. Today all this has brought me to near perfect health. I wish Ms. Gayathri good health, success and happiness always.

Thank you💐🙏🏻

Vikas , Hypertriglyceridimia, 48 years , Muscat

I have been struggling with high levels of triglycerides for some time now. This has been made worse due to my medications for hypertension. In spite of various attempts at lifestyle changes, things had not improved and my cardiologist wanted to put me on medicines to control triglyceride levels.

This is when I approached Gayathri for advice on diet and other lifestyle changes. Her advice was on both the calorie intake side as well the calorie usage side. The suggested changes included a change of food type, amount, timing, etc. coupled with recommendation on level/ type of physical activities.

It has been two months now and the changes in relevant parameters have been very encouraging

While there is still one month before I get my triglyceride checked, the results so far have been very encouraging and point in the right direction.

Gayathri’s guidance has been instrumental in achieving the above results.

Aditi*, Obesity , 40 years , Muscat 

(name changed to maintain privacy)

Gayathri’s passion and enthusiasm about her work is very infectious as she really inspires me to give my best and keep going. She encourages me to strive to do better and reach the short-term and long-term goals on this journey towards better health and wellness.


Through the personalised programme that she has planned for me, within two short months I have seen such good results that I couldn’t believe it myself.


I was pleasantly surprised each week that it was possible to boost my metabolism this way and have health gains this soon after I started following her advice. Everyone I meet is now starting to notice the change in me and so far I have lost 10kgs.

Dr. K. P. Raman , Cardiologist

I, Dr K P Raman, know Mrs Gayathri for 13 years as nutrition counselor in our Al Hayat Hospital, Muscat, where I was the Chairman and Head of Dept of Cardiology.


She impressed me with her knowledge, sincerity, dedication to patients and passion for updating her knowledge. I always referred all my patients to her for holistic advice on lifestyle. She is very savvy with media presentations, CMEs, public awareness workshops etc.


I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking for evidence-based dietary advice for weight reduction and various other chronic diseases.

Anuradha, Age 42, Oberoi hotels

I was referred to Gayathri by a friend of mine and Gayathri is a blessing. It is not just about food and nutrition, her commitment to put me and my son back on track to make healthy choices was so genuine and non transactional. The world needs more people like her.

Vaikhari Ranjit

Ms Gayathri has a strong desire to help her clients to be healthier and to even solve their health problems. She is very much compassionate and dedicated to her clients. I have IBS for mant years now. since I have joined her, I m getting better and I strongly believe that I will get cured of IBS soon. I want to thank Ms. Gayathri towards for this wonderful journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


A journey I started thinking....
oh I cannot eat on Time 
I cannot sleep on time it's just not possible with my Business & My kids around 
Gayathri just made me do it & I don't know how .....
The toughest was the 1st week the 3rd week it had become my System to eat on time 
I have done a lot of weight loss programs but the way Gayathri s program is even if I binge I do not put on ...
Her mindful eating has made me prioritize my health, my eating & my quantities as well ....I have never given priority for food I relish & have an affair with food .... 
The best part is being  consistent in my workouts .....which has never happened in my life ever ...
Thank you Gayathri..... You Rock.... I have my daughter next in row for you


I have always been an individual who could manage my weight well and I have always execised. But this slowly changed with me touching my forties.. there was a slow increase in weight and with Covid it rapidly shot up. I had never crossed a 63 and I was at a  67 in a matter of 6 months. I panicked and reached out to Gayatri. First 2 months showed little or no weight loss then I slowly lost over the next 2 months and went back to 62.5. 
  Gayatri was with me during the most challenging times and taught me the tricks of eating healthy. The tracker was simple and easy to follow without feeling deprived of food. 
Now eating right and exercise is a part of life like a good habit. The 3 months taught me to make eating healthy, sleeping on time, reduce stress and good exercise my way of life and when I stray i know my weight will and talk and I get back to schedule. It's about doing it persistently is what she constantly says.
Thank you Gayatri for being patient with me

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