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Diabetes and mangoes!

Can a person with diabetes have mangoes? This is a question I think I am asked every season of the king of fruits. Moderate amounts of this yummy fruit may actually be beneficial, considering the nutrient composition of mango. It is a storehouse of fiber, contains carbs and a huge range of vitamins and minerals. It can be a healthful addition to a varied diet.

There are 5 hacks to consume your mango . Here are the ADA suggestions-

# Consume it fresh or frozen do not have it canned.

# One serving contains 15g of carbs which is 2/3rd cup of mango contains this amount. This is how much is allowed in one serving. Just stick to portion sizes.

# Fresh fruit is better than dried fruit as the serving size of dried fruits is much smaller.

# It should be consumed as a sole snack in the evening or replace a carb in the meals or breakfast. Try and avoid consuming grains with mangoes.

# Combine mango with a protein like milk/ curd / pulses for a better glycemic load.

So, the most important take away is that quantities and the timings is most important. Be aware of how to eat your mango and enjoy it this season!!



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