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Trust in the Universe

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Good day!!

Let us deviate from diet for a bit. Being in the wellness area of health I was very keen to share this with all of you. With so much happening around us , people losing jobs, lives, so much anxiety, depression, mental health seems to be on a decline and not surprisingly so. But can we do something about this when the general aura seems negative and people are in a lot of pain?

Story telling is a way to send messages across easily. So here is a very short story. Once there lived a crab that thought it was very beautiful. One evening he was walking on the seashore and looking back every few steps admiring his footsteps on the wet sand. He kept telling himself he had the most beautiful footprints in the world. After some time a huge wave came and erased these footprints. The crab was very dejected and spoke to the wave and said ,”I did not harm you in any way. Pray why did you delete my very footprints from this earth?” The wave answered softly,” There was a fisherman following your footprints, I saw him and knew if he caught up with you then he would kill you so I erased your footprints from the mud.” I ‘am sure all of you have understood the meaning this story wanted to convey.

Is it possible that we trust in the universe and can take anything bad happening to us(or anything that we perceive bad) today as just temporary or as something that may actually turn out to be beneficial to us in future? It is a very difficult path to tread but if we do it we can go through difficult times with more faith.

This post is to acknowledge the importance of mental health. With anxiety and depression an epidemic right now, it’s time we increase our awareness on mental health and help those who need us. This story is more spiritually inclined but I will be posting more on ways to improve mental health in future as it is the need of the hour.

Have good thoughts, engage in right action and have a good day!!

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