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Can the Liver have anything to do with Weightloss?

he answer to the above question is an emphatic yes. Liver is the largest organ (after the skin) in the body with over 500 different functions.

• Most people do not think of liver health when they think in terms of weight loss. When it comes to losing weight people who struggle to lose weight despite having a good lifestyle are those with poor liver health

.• So how do you know your liver health is poor?Tiredness, fatigue, nausea at times, skin eruptions, not losing weight, abdominal fat accumulation, migraines are some symptoms of a weak liver. We can also do some blood tests like the Liver function test to identify any issues with the liver

.• Main function of the liver is to burn fat but when there is more glucose or fructose the liver also helps in converting it to fat. Please avoid fruit juices and fructose rich foods as it very easily gets converted to fat

.• Fatty liver is a very common condition today. Even vegetarians and teetotalers have been diagnosed with this. Just having more abdominal fat could be an indication of a fatty liver

.• What are the reasons for a weak liver function?Pollution, smoking, alcoholism, more of junk and processed foods, fructose syrup can all contribute to the deterioration in liver function.


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